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The Wednesday Studio Reconvenes

School’s back! Yes, indeed, on Wednesday the members of the Wednesday Studio were all in the—guess what?—studio!

Before we reconvened, I asked people to share their thoughts on their summer and their goals for the fall session:


Anne Shields: How I spent my summer vacation—I only worked on my “dog” picture, so I didn’t produce much, but I did proceed more methodically than usual.  It’s bigger than most of my work, and I actually did watercolor sketches of each dog before I started the painting. So maybe I learned a little something!

Looking forward to class and the discipline it provides.




Fran Tomlinson: This has been a crazy summer with family health issues, much travel, and little time for art. In addition, our upstairs a/c went on the fritz just as the heat wave was starting, and that is where my “studio” is located.

So, I am ready for class to start. My goal this fall: a poultry portrait!


IMG_2460 (1).jpg


Linda Andreatta: My thoughts on returning to class:  It seems like years, and I can’t wait to see what everyone is painting these days. Hurray for the start of the art-making season!






IMG_4372 (1).jpg


Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: I will have a lot of paintings and drawings to share Wednesday. I just didn’t send images of them all to you!







Tara Hamilton: The challenge to create art every day on our summer break seemed unlikely, especially with travel plans over the months. But it occurred to me that I could take my iPad anywhere and use a drawing app.

I didn’t always create good art, but it was good practice.




Linda Norton.jpg


Linda Norton: I had a different kind of summer this year. My goal seems to have been getting to know every nook and cranny of Washington Hospital Center. I had three outpatient surgeries and countless doctor appointments (all to a good end). Through it all, a wonderful time in Newport and Maine!





Ellen Cornett: I have been enormously pleased to see that so many of you kept drawing and painting over the summer. It has warmed my wizened old heart to no end to see all those lovely pieces showing up on the blog. Way to go!





Eileen Leahy: I enjoyed a relaxing summer of travel to new and old destinations, and trying my hand at sketching (as well as being delighted by the sketches of other Wednesday Studio artists shared via the blog). But there’s nothing like being at the Wednesday Studio in person, and I look forward to reconnecting with my artist-friends and the creative energy I can always count on when working in their company.




Vince Iannacchione: I went to Italy this summer and saw much fine art in many churches. But two works stood out, and neither was inside a church. The first was a tattered war fresco on the side of an old building in Orvieto. It somehow seemed appropriate because the effects of the wars are everywhere in Italy—just spackled over. The second was a statue by Arturo Martini outside a basilica in Rome. I’m still searching for the title of the work, but I think the subject is Francis of Assisi. I must admit I struggled with how to direct his upward gaze until Marian suggested drawing birds . . . .

My goal for this session is to finally complete a rendition of Francis; do some assorted faces, figures, and a self portrait; and then there’s the rooster, of course.





Martha Pope: What I look forward to most in class is the camaraderie, advice, and inspiration I get from everyone.







2016 birthday


Marian Wiseman: I’m with Martha.







So, there you have it. A great year ahead in the Wednesday Studio.

Marian Wiseman




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2 comments on “The Wednesday Studio Reconvenes

  1. ellen3c
    September 18, 2016

    Hurrah! I am so glad to be back with everyone. Here’s to a productive, artistic fall.


  2. eileenings
    September 19, 2016

    What a wonderful way to welcome everyone back! I’m looking forward to continuing to explore the art of capturing in pastel the spirit behind the faces of those around me. Can’t do it without you all.


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