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Marian Wiseman creates watercolor profusion of spring flowers

In this post, I describe how I went about creating a watercolor of flowers for my sister. My painting is currently part of the show “Summer Work” at the CHAW Gallery, 545 7th Street, SE, Washington DC. 

Marian Wiseman: Dianne’s Spring Blooms

I wanted to make a painting for my sister that was a profusion of the flowers she has around her house rather than a bouquet in a vase. I took close-up photos of peonies, irises, dogwood, and lilacs and practiced painting them.

Marian Wiseman 2018 04 Floral Studies

These are cut from the pages of flowers I painted to try to get the hang of it.

Marian Wiseman 2018 04 Floral Study #1

This was my first study of trying to make a complete floral composition. I realized I needed a lot more practice painting flowers.

Marian Wiseman 2018 05 Drawing for floral painting

This drawing shows my revised floral composition on drawing paper, which I then traced onto watercolor paper. I colored the iris leaves and some stems to help me keep track of which leaves and stems were connected. After my first painting I realized some flowers needed to be bigger. The red outlines are where I enlarged them.

Marian Wiseman 2018 05 Floral study #2

An important lesson I learned from this study was that I wanted more contrast between the shade of purple in the irises and the lilacs. Also, I realized I still needed a lot of work to learn how to paint flowers.

Marian Wiseman 2018 06 Floral study #3

This is the study where I realized that some flowers were too small in comparison to the irises.

Marian Wiseman 2018 06 Dianne's Spring Blooms (final)

Finally finished. Dianne’s Spring Blooms. Watercolor.

Marian’s profile is available here: Marian Wiseman
To see some more of her work, click here: Marian Wiseman’s Gallery




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4 comments on “Marian Wiseman creates watercolor profusion of spring flowers

  1. wendyprothrohoward
    September 26, 2018



  2. Fran Tomlinson
    September 26, 2018

    I have to agree. Your flowers are beautiful!


    • Anonymous
      September 27, 2018

      Thanks, Fran. This is a test to see if you get an email about this response


  3. Fran Tomlinson
    September 27, 2018

    I got the email.


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